Standard Conveyor Chain with Attachments Series (Single Pitch)

Ultimate Life Chain Series
Strong Bushing (HT/ T), (D)
one.Working with higher precision strong bushings
two.Greater put on resistance than common chains
3.Dress in life is improved by 1.2 to four instances of conventional chains
one.Ultra hardening coated pin surface
two. Ideal for circumstances where foreign substance contamination or extreme oil degradation occurs
three. Dress in existence is improved by 1.2 to 7 instances of standard chains
O-Ring (LD),X-Ring (LX)
1. Grease is filled in between pins and bushings.
two. High-end item of Greatest Existence Chain that can be employed anyplace
3. Put on life is enhanced by five to 20 instances of regular chains
Sintered Bushing (UR), (URN)
1.Making use of sintered alloy for bushings
2.Extended life chain for low-speed and light load operation
3.Put on lifestyle is enhanced by 5 times of normal chains
Nickel Plate(N)
1.Specialized nickel coating
two.Suitable for circumstances requiring a clean impression and neat physical appearance
three.Withstands salt breeze and acidic circumstances
Atmosphere Resistance Chain Series
one.Substantial corrosion resistance coating
two.Suitable for circumstances both indoors and outdoors exactly where long-term resistance to rusting is equired
three.Excellent resistance to corrosion, salt and rusting
Double Guard (WG)
1.Approx. twice far more corrosion resistant compared to High Guard Chain
2.Applicable in mildly acidic or mildly alkaline circumstances
3.Downsizing is possible in comparison with Stainless Steel Chain
Stainless Steel Chain:SS
1.18-8 stainless steel
two.Ideal for circumstances exposed to chemical agents, water or high temperature
3.Very best corrosion resistance and heat resistance
Stainless Steel Chain:SSK
1.18-8 stainless steel (plate) + precipitation hardened steel (pin/ bush/ roller)
2.Appropriate for locations exposed to chemical agents, water and higher temperature
3.1.five instances extra allowable tension when compared to SS sort
Stainless Steel X-Ring Chain (SSLT)
one.Excellent put on resistance
2.Outstanding cost efficiency
3.Sizeable reduction in friction-loss
Minimal Temperature Resistant Chain (TK)
one.Applying materials ideal for reduced temperature and specialized grease
2.Ideal for conditions wherever temperatures drop down to -40 ??C.
3.Exceptional very low temperature strength