Reciprocating Vacuum Pump

Manufactured for compactness, economy and dependability, the vacuum pumps will be the number 1 choice for demanding applications, providing top operating efficiency coupled with low maintenance.

Features Long-Life: Durable cast iron framework and cylinder construction Superior Pump Performance: Separately cast cylinders with deep radial fins for improved cooling and performance Easy to Program: Accessible stainless valve and one piece connecting rod simplifies maintenance and services Advanced Safety Features: Standard low oil-level change to provide constant safety of the compressor Reliable Procedure: All Season Select synthetic lubricant boosts efficiency; with 2,000 hours of program between changeouts, it performs four situations Reciprocating Vacuum Pump longer than petroleum-centered lubricant Two-Year Warranty Available: Buy an All-Period Select lubricant start-up kit, and receive all the parts you will need for start-up and the initial 12 months of maintenance, along with a protracted pump warranty