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Experience top-quality CNC turning machining shift fork shaft, transmission shaft manufacturer—-HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Your custom CNC machining supplier for precision and reliability.


Company Profile


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.


HangZhou Norkin is a leading private enterprise specializing in the production of high-precision parts and components. Located in the vibrant port city of HangZhou, near ZheJiang , our company was established in September 2007 with a significant fixed asset investment of 20 million yuan and a dedicated team of 70 skilled employees.

Our state-of-the-art factory spans over 12,000 square CHINAMFG and comprises 8 functional departments. With a focus on quality, we have assembled a team of professional management talents, technical experts, and utilize advanced testing equipment to ensure the highest standards in our products.

At HangZhou Norkin, we are committed to providing top-notch support for the healthy and rapid development of your enterprise. Trust us for all your high-precision parts and components needs.

Production Equipment


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.!


Explore our cutting-edge CNC high precision lathes, machining centers, and fully automated ultrasonic wave cleaning line. Our machines are capable of working with various materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and brass. Trust us for all your precision hardware needs!


Main Production Equipment
Item Description for equipment Quantity Manufacture Capability Diameter
1 CNC lathe(Swiss type) 8 Japan TSUGAMI 3-25mm
2 CNC lathe(Swiss type) 13 Korea Hanwha 3-12mm
3 CNC lathe(Swiss type) 15 Japan Star  1-32mm
4 CNC lathe(Conventional) 26 Chinese Brand 3-150mm
5 CNC machining center 2 Chinese Brand 600*300mm
6 Grinding Machine 2 Chinese Brand /
7  Drilling machine 2 Chinese Brand /
8 Ultrasonic cleaning line 1 Chinese Brand /

Inspection Equipment


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.


At Norkin, we are committed to delivering top-notch quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our dedication to precision and reliability is evident in the advanced testing equipment we have imported, including imaging precision testing instruments, surface roughness measuring instruments, projectors, and more. Trust Norkin for products that are built to last and perform with exceptional accuracy.


Main Measurement Equipmen
Item Description for equipment Quantity Manufacture Capability Diameter
1 Roughness detector 2 Japan imported 0.0001mm
2 projector 2 Chinese Brand 0.001mm
3 Metallurgical microscope 1 Chinese Brand /
4 Pneumatic measuring instrument 3 Chinese Brand 0.001mm
5 Concentricity measuring instrument 1 America imported 0.001mm
6 Profiler 1 Japan imported 0.001mm
7 CMM 2 Japan imported 0.001mm
8 Imager 2 Chinese Brand 0.001mm
9 spectrum analyzer 1 Germany imported /
10 electron microscope 3 Chinese Brand /
11 Vickers hardness tester 1 Chinese Brand HV0.3

Quality Assurance


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.


Experience top-quality CNC Parts Manufacturing and Machining services at HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Our advanced testing equipment and rigorous process control ensure the highest level of quality for all our products.



  • Precision machining for accurate results
  • Durable aluminum material for long-lasting performance
  • Advanced testing equipment for quality assurance


  • Reliable and consistent product quality
  • Customized solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Expertise in CNC parts manufacturing for superior results


Choose HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. for all your Aluminum CNC Parts Manufacturing and Machining needs.

Culture and Team


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.


At HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., we specialize in providing top-notch Aluminum CNC Parts Manufacturing and Machining services. Our “people-oriented” approach ensures that we have a skilled and stable team dedicated to delivering high-quality products.




  • Precision machining of CNC turning parts
  • Customized solutions to meet your specific requirements
  • Strict quality control measures to ensure precision and accuracy
  • Timely delivery of products



  • High-quality parts manufactured to your exact specifications
  • Reliable and skilled team members working on your projects
  • Cost-effective solutions for your machining needs
  • Exceptional customer service and support throughout the process


Contact us today to learn more about our  CNC Parts Manufacturing and Machining services!


Welcome to HangZhou Norkin Precision Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.


When you inquire with us, you can expect:


  • A certified supplier with CHINAMFG production capacity
  • Competitive quotations and efficient service
  • Safety stock available for long-term orders



1. Are you a manufacture or trading company?
We are a manufacture. The audit report is available on our page and you can download for a quick profile of us.

2. Where you are?
We are located in HangZhou, which is a port city in east China. This city is famous for its port and its first international trade can be date back to more than a thousand years before. We have various transport services here to ensure an efficient and economical shipping. 

3. What are you good at?
We are good at handling metal material like stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, iron. Especially those cylindrical parts, diameter range from 2mm-150mm, like oil cylinder, straight valve core, high precision nut, water nozzle, piston, pump plug and so on.

4. What’s your production capacity?
We have more than 60 CNC machine and more than 50 auxiliary equipment to ensure sufficient productivity.

5. What’s your sample leading time?
A job without special surface treatment, leading time is around 7-10 working days. If surface treatment required, 1-2 more weeks will be needed.
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Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Function: Change Drive Torque, Speed Changing
Layout: Per Needs
Hardness: Per Needs
Installation: Per Needs
Step: Per Needs
US$ 5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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gear shaft

How does proper lubrication and maintenance extend the life of gear shafts?

Proper lubrication and maintenance play a crucial role in extending the life of gear shafts. Adequate lubrication ensures smooth operation, reduces friction, dissipates heat, and protects against wear and corrosion. Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the optimal functioning of gear shafts. Let’s explore the benefits of proper lubrication and maintenance in detail:

  • Reduction of Friction and Wear:

Proper lubrication creates a thin film of lubricant between the engaging surfaces of gears and gear shafts. This lubricating film reduces friction, allowing the gears to rotate smoothly with minimal resistance. By minimizing friction, lubrication helps to prevent excessive wear and extends the lifespan of gear teeth and the gear shaft itself. Reduced wear also contributes to maintaining the precise tooth profiles and dimensional integrity of the gears, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Heat Dissipation:

Gear systems can generate significant heat due to the mechanical forces and friction involved. Proper lubrication helps dissipate this heat by carrying it away from the contact surfaces. Effective heat dissipation prevents overheating, which can lead to thermal expansion, dimensional changes, and accelerated wear. By managing heat, lubrication helps to maintain the structural integrity of gear shafts and prevents potential damage caused by excessive temperatures.

  • Protection against Corrosion:

Lubricants often contain additives that provide protection against corrosion. Gear shafts are susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in environments with high humidity or exposure to moisture. Proper lubrication forms a protective barrier on the gear surfaces, preventing the formation of rust and corrosion. This protective layer helps to maintain the gear shafts’ integrity, preventing pitting, surface damage, and degradation over time.

  • Contaminant Prevention:

Lubrication acts as a barrier, preventing contaminants such as dust, dirt, and debris from entering the gear system. These contaminants can cause abrasive wear, interfere with proper meshing of gear teeth, and lead to premature failure. Proper lubrication helps to keep the gear system clean and free from harmful particles, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing the risk of damage to gear shafts.

  • Early Detection of Issues:

Regular maintenance and inspections provide an opportunity to detect and address potential issues before they escalate. During maintenance, gear systems can be checked for any signs of abnormal wear, misalignment, or damage. Timely identification of such issues allows for corrective measures to be taken, such as realigning gear shafts, replacing worn components, or adjusting lubrication practices. By addressing problems early on, the life of gear shafts can be significantly extended.

  • Optimized Performance:

Proper lubrication and maintenance contribute to the overall optimized performance of gear shafts. Well-lubricated gear systems experience reduced power losses, smoother operation, and improved efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures that gear shafts and the entire gear system are in optimal condition, enabling reliable and consistent power transmission.

In summary, proper lubrication and maintenance are vital for extending the life of gear shafts. They reduce friction and wear, dissipate heat, protect against corrosion, prevent contaminants, enable early detection of issues, and optimize gear performance. By implementing appropriate lubrication practices and conducting regular maintenance, gear shafts can operate efficiently, withstand varying load conditions, and have an extended service life within the gear system.

gear shaft

Can gear shafts be used in high-torque and heavy-duty applications?

Yes, gear shafts are commonly used in high-torque and heavy-duty applications. Gear systems, including gear shafts, are designed to transmit power and torque between rotating components efficiently. Let’s explore why gear shafts are suitable for such demanding applications:

  • Torque Transmission:

Gear shafts are specifically designed to transmit torque effectively. They are capable of handling high levels of torque due to their robust construction and the nature of gear engagement. The teeth of the gears mesh together, allowing the torque to be transferred from one gear to another through the gear shaft. This enables gear shafts to withstand and transmit substantial amounts of torque, making them suitable for high-torque applications.

  • Load Distribution:

In heavy-duty applications, where significant loads are involved, gear shafts play a crucial role in distributing the load across multiple gears. By evenly distributing the load, gear shafts prevent excessive stress on individual gears and their associated components. This helps to minimize the risk of gear tooth failure, deformation, or other forms of damage. The load distribution capability of gear shafts contributes to their suitability for heavy-duty applications.

  • Sturdy Construction:

Gear shafts are typically constructed using materials known for their strength and durability. High-quality steels or specialized alloys are commonly used to ensure the gear shafts can withstand the demanding conditions of high-torque and heavy-duty applications. The sturdy construction of gear shafts allows them to resist bending, torsion, and other forces that occur under heavy loads, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

  • Supporting Gear Components:

Gear shafts are an integral part of a gear system, working in conjunction with other gear components such as gears, bearings, and housings. These supporting components are designed to handle high loads and provide stability to the gear system as a whole. The combination of well-designed gear shafts and supporting components enhances the overall strength and reliability of the system, making it suitable for high-torque and heavy-duty applications.

  • Customization and Engineering:

In situations where standard gear shafts may not meet the specific requirements of a high-torque or heavy-duty application, custom gear shafts can be designed and engineered. Customization allows for the optimization of gear shaft dimensions, materials, and other parameters to meet the unique demands of the application. This ensures that gear shafts are tailored to handle the specific torque and loads encountered in high-torque and heavy-duty applications.

In summary, gear shafts can indeed be used in high-torque and heavy-duty applications. Their ability to transmit torque effectively, distribute loads, sturdy construction, compatibility with supporting gear components, and the potential for customization make them well-suited for such demanding applications. Gear shafts play a crucial role in ensuring reliable and efficient power transmission in high-torque and heavy-duty systems.

gear shaft

What industries commonly use gear shafts in their applications?

Gear shafts find applications in various industries where the transmission of motion and power is necessary. They are widely utilized in numerous sectors that rely on machinery and mechanical systems. Here are some industries that commonly use gear shafts in their applications:

  • Automotive Industry:

The automotive industry extensively uses gear shafts in vehicles. Gear shafts are present in the transmission systems, where they transmit power and torque between the engine and the wheels. They enable gear shifting, torque conversion, and speed control, contributing to the overall performance and drivability of automobiles.

  • Industrial Manufacturing:

Industrial manufacturing sectors, such as machinery manufacturing, rely heavily on gear shafts. They are used in various types of machinery, including lathes, milling machines, conveyor systems, and assembly lines. Gear shafts enable power transmission, motion control, and torque conversion in these machines, facilitating the production and processing of goods.

  • Aerospace and Defense:

In the aerospace and defense industries, gear shafts are crucial components in aircraft engines, helicopters, and military vehicles. They play a vital role in transmitting power and torque between the engines and propellers or rotors, providing the necessary thrust and control. Gear shafts in these applications must meet stringent performance and reliability requirements.

  • Power Generation:

Gear shafts are utilized in power generation industries, including thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, and wind turbines. They facilitate the transfer of rotational motion and torque from turbines or generators to power transmission systems. Gear shafts in these applications often handle high-power outputs and must be designed to withstand demanding operating conditions.

  • Construction and Mining:

The construction and mining industries commonly employ gear shafts in heavy machinery and equipment. Gear shafts are found in excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and drilling rigs, among others. They enable power transmission and torque conversion, allowing these machines to perform tasks such as digging, lifting, and drilling with precision and efficiency.

  • Marine and Shipbuilding:

Gear shafts are essential components in marine applications, including ships, boats, and marine propulsion systems. They are utilized in marine engines, propellers, and thrusters, enabling the transmission of power and torque for propulsion and maneuvering. Gear shafts in marine environments must be corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of saltwater and vibrations.

  • Renewable Energy:

In the renewable energy sector, gear shafts are used in wind turbines and solar tracking systems. They facilitate the transfer of rotational motion and torque from wind or solar power sources to generators or energy storage systems. Gear shafts play a vital role in converting and optimizing the energy generated from renewable sources.

These are just a few examples of industries that commonly use gear shafts in their applications. Gear shafts are versatile components that are integral to the functioning of machinery and mechanical systems across various sectors.

China Hot selling China Factory OEM Custom CNC Machining Turned Gear Shift Fork Shaft worm gear motorChina Hot selling China Factory OEM Custom CNC Machining Turned Gear Shift Fork Shaft worm gear motor
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