540 pto gearbox

pto gearbox


The AL00630 gearbox is a made to change the output velocity of your tractors PTO shaft. Its versatile layout makes it possible for the gearbox to be utilised as either an increasing ratio or reducing ratio gearbox to go well with your requirements.

As a lowering ratio gearbox it will lessen 1000 rpm PTO shaft pace to 540 rpm permitting the use of products made to run at 540 rpm.

As an increasing ratio gearbox it will increase 540 rpm PTO shaft speed to 1000 rpm.

The AL00630 gearbox is assembled with two x interior splined sleeves. A single 13/8″Z6 the other 13/four”Z20. These splined sleeves allow for direct coupling to your tractors PTO shaft as the input. The gearbox is also provided with 2 x independent shafts with matching splines. These are easily assembled to give you the essential output shaft.


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